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Experience The World's First Global Calendaring Platform.

Communicate privately with friends, family, and co-workers all in one place, and without any crossover.

Emails are a thing of the past with heyoo's unique in-app notifications and messaging features.

Personally connect with celebrities and people of influence with our new VIP feature!

We’ve got you covered!

NO tutorials and NO confusion. We’re committed to helping keep your life organized.

  • Easy To Use
  • Clean And Simple
  • Multi-Functional
  • Highly Intuitive

Advanced features give you more control


Planning made easier! Reach a global network of individuals just by searching a first and last name.

Save For Later

With our “Delayed Publication” feature, you can create your events and save them as a draft. Plan events without the need for revision.


100% email free communication and no restrictions. Create unlimited calendars without the need for multiple accounts.


Chat privately and add unlimited media within your events. The opportunities are endless!

Connecting people on all levels

Global Calendar

Heyoo is extremely unique, and is the first calendar platform to create a proprietary user-linking system. The need for having members contact information is a thing of the past. Create multiple calendars and organize your life all within one highly intuitive cross-platform. Chat, message, and even upload photos and video right into your events. Heyoo works great for managing groups, families, and businesses, but the applications are endless!

VIP Calendar

If you’re an Actor, Musician, Comedian, Pro-Athlete, Executive, or Organization that wants to gain more exposure, heyoo offers the ultimate PR tool. Immediately connect with your Fans and Followers by creating a calendar that can be searchable by anyone within the heyoo global database. Gain more exposure, more attendance, and keep your Fans in the know!

VIP Member

If you love to follow people of influence, whether it be an Actor, Musician, Comedian, Pro-Athlete, or Executive, the VIP Member option is a must! As a VIP Member you will be able to search and save events right from the celebrities VIP Calendars. View personal photos and videos, and know exactly when they arrive at their venue. Heyoo covers it all! (Subscription fees may apply).

Need more info?

  • Email Free Communication
  • Delayed Publication of Events
  • Proprietary User-Linking System
  • Create Unlimited Calendars
  • Upload Media Within Events
  • Group Discussions
  • Global Messaging
  • Calendar Sync
  • In-App Event Notifications
  • Seamless Integration
  • Privacy Settings
  • VIP Calendar (Available on Mobile App)
  • VIP Member (Available on Mobile App)

Heyoo is the first calendaring platform on the market to function by using a “Proprietary Global Network.” Our Global Calendar is perfect for connecting families, friends, small businesses, and teams. There’s really no limit to how you can use heyoo. If you need to schedule groups or employees, plan an event, or just run your household, this is a fantastic tool to help keep you organized. Once your members have registered with heyoo, they’re placed in our Global Network, then all you need to do is a quick name search, and you’re ready to start sharing information! Not only can you seamlessly send calendars and events, you can also host group discussions, send private messages, and even upload photos and videos right into your events.

If you consider yourself someone of influence, we’ve created a unique way for you to safely and publicly share your events with your fans and followers. If you’re an Actor, Musician, Pro-Athlete, Comedian, Model, CEO or Large Organization, then our VIP Calendar is a must have. As a VIP, you can also upload personal photos and videos right into your events for your fans to see.

VIP Members can “Follow” your monthly calendar and save the events you’ve posted right on their app. By creating a VIP Calendar, you will gain more exposure, better event attendance, and keep your fans engaged and in the know!

If you’re interested in following celebrity events or people of influence, then becoming a VIP Member is a must! As a VIP Member, you will have access to the personal PR Calendars created by Actors, Musicians, Pro-Athletes, Comedians, CEO’s, and Large Entities. You can “Follow” VIP calendars, view and save events, and also save photos and videos to your device that were uploaded personaly by the celebrities themselves. If you’re planning to attend a VIP event, heyoo (in real time) will notify you when the VIP or Celebrity has arrived at the venue. You’ll also be notified if an event has been added or deleted from a VIP’s calendar. Yes, it’s that cool!

Heyoo allows you to create unlimited calendars, unlike mainstream calendars, which only allow you to create “sub-calendars.” Calendar members will never be able to see information on any other calendar unless you invite them to share the calendar or event. For your protection, calendars are non-searchable to the public in the heyoo database.

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